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In this free training you will learn insider strategies from a VC with 8+ years experience, so you can...

Unlock the mindset of investors & maximize your chances of raising a stellar Seed or Series A round


Iskender Dirik

Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Executive
The only expert in the world who has been a Founder, a Venture Capitalist, and has developed his own Pitching and Presentation framework (“COUP”), that has been trusted by world-class teams like Microsoft, Samsung, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google.
Venture Partner
Managing Director Samsung NEXT Ventures
Managing Director Microsoft ScaleUp
Managing Director
Managing Director
General Manager
Angel Investor and Founder of (far too) many startups

In This Free On-Demand Training, You’ll Learn…

  • The #1 Wwy to stand out from 1000’s of startups and make investors remember YOU.

  • The perfect pitch framework that will make investors chase you even if you’re an introvert and never raised capital before.

  • A recession-proof way to raise capital for your start-up without sacrificing your companies growth

  • The neuroscience behind investor and VC decision-making processes (understand this, and they will throw money at you).

  • The Uupside-down psychology that repels investors from investing in you.

  • The TOP mistakes almost every founder makes, that instantly kills the chances of raising capital.

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