In This Training You Will Learn Insider Strategies From a VC With 8+ Years Experience, So You Can...

Unlock The mindset of Investors and Maximize Your Chances Of securing series a or seed funding

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Iskender Dirik

Founder, a Venture Capitalist, and has developed his own Pitching and Presentation framework (“COUP”), that has been trusted by world-class teams like Microsoft, Samsung, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google.
Venture Partner
Managing Director Samsung NEXT Ventures
Managing Director Microsoft ScaleUp
Managing Director

In This Free On-Demand Training, You’ll Learn…

  • The #1 Way To Stand Out From 1000’s Of Startups And Make Investors Remember YOU.

  • The Perfect Pitch Framework That Will Make Investors Chase You Even If You’re an Introvert And Never Raised Capital Before.

  • A Recession-Proof Way To Raise Capital For Your Start-Up Without Sacrificing Your Companies Growth

  • The Neuroscience Behind Investor and VC Decision-Making Processes (Understand This, And They Will Throw Money At You).

  • The Upside-Down Psychology That Repels Investors From Investing In You.

  • The TOP Mistakes Almost Every Founder Makes, That Instantly Kills The Chances Of Raising Capital.

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