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The reason why most early-stage startups can’t get enough pitch meetings and fail to fundraise successfully

Learn from Iskender:

Find, attract, and connect with investors, even if you don’t have a strong network, by following the principles I laid out in the Fundraising Coldstart Course. Purchase it here:

Startup founders - want to find and connect with investors? Then join… The Fundraising Coldstart:

How To “Bootstrap” Your Way Into Investor Networks, Even If You Don’t Know Anyone

"Fundraising Coldstart" – The ultimate course for finding, attracting, and connecting with investors


Struggling to get pitch meetings with investors?

You’re at a very early stage of your startup and trying to fundraise, but:

You're new to this, and you don't have strong investor connections.

Investors don't reply to your cold messages – or directly decline.

Nobody wants to do a warm introduction to you.

Investors don't seem to care because you don't have any traction

Investors don't approach you proactively.

You’re not alone. Chances are high you make the same mistakes 9 out of 10 founders do when fundraising for their early-stage startup:

Your cold mailing approach is fundamentally broken.

You don’t invest time in providing value and building trust.

You don’t understand how to move strategically into investor circles.

You don’t use creative strategies that will make investors approach you.

Hi, I’m Iskender Dirik

Venture Partner, VC Fund Senior Advisor, Angel Investor, and Tech Entrepreneur
Venture Partner
Senior Advisor
Managing Director Samsung NEXT Ventures
Managing Director Microsoft ScaleUp
Managing Director
General Manager
Angel Investor and Founder of (far too) many startups

Here’s my #1 piece of advice to early-stage founders raising their first round:

Combine these 2 things to maximize your chances of getting invited by investors to a pitch meeting:

Position yourself as an expert and let investors discover you

(The Pull-Strategy)

Use targeted “out-of-the-box” outreach methods

(The Push-Strategy)

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Fundraising Coldstart course:


How to build a strong network of investors, even if you don't know any yet.


Unconventional ways to get discovered by investors – and make them chase you.


How to increase your chances of getting a warm introduction by 10x.


The shortcut to crafting cold messages that work.


How to earn investor TRUST before ever speaking with them.


How to impress investors before you have any traction and numbers to show.


Mistakes that 99% of founders make… Make sure you don’t do these!


The ONLY tool you’ll need to manage your investor pipeline successfully.

Here’s what you’re getting by joining the Fundraising Coldstart course:


From unknown to unforgettable: how to build a media presence that attracts investors

Investors are looking for trustworthy founders that are perceived as thought leaders.

In this module, you'll learn how to build your persona online, creating a powerful media presence in creative ways that sets you apart from the competition and catches the attention of potential investors.

From crafting a compelling tagline to mastering creative social media content and engagement strategies, that will basically force the investors to notice and chase you.

By the end of this module, you'll be well on your way to building a media presence that attracts the attention of investors and sets your startup apart from the crowd.


Become a credible thought leader in your industry through external media

In today's crowded startup landscape, it's not enough to have a great idea - you need to establish yourself as a trusted voice in your industry.

Positioning yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry is key to getting attention from potential Investors.

In this module, you'll learn the strategies to reach out to media publications, podcasts, and event organizers in order to gain exposure and instantly increase your credibility.

You'll discover how to become a thought leader, make a lasting impression and instantly elevate your authority in the eyes of investors


Creative ways to find and connect with investors, that 99% of founders don't use

Finding and connecting with investors is the biggest challenge for most founders that don’t have a strong network.

Investors are being approached by hundreds of founders on a continuous basis, and they’re hard-wired to say “NO” as soon as they’re being pitched to.

But with the right approach, you can take down their guard and become a magnetic and interesting case to them.

In this module, you'll discover how to identify the right investors and grab their attention in a personalized way (99% of founders do it the wrong way).


How to approach investors with instant connection and rapport

The first impression with investors is the determining factor that will either pique their interest in you and your startup or not.

In this module, you'll learn how to approach investors with confidence and build instant rapport. You'll discover proven techniques to stand out from other founders competing for their attention.

With these strategies in your toolkit, you'll be well on your way to instantly gaining investor attention and getting your foot through the door.

These Super-Cool Bonuses:


Fundraising Community

Fundraising is tough. And early-stage founders share the same challenges. So why not use the power of community to help each other?

In the FundraisingCOUP community, you’ll connect with other founders working on fundraising for their tech startups, you’ll be able to ask other members questions, share knowledge and valuable resources – and support each other in a challenging journey.  


CRM tool to manage your fundraising process

Unlock your potential and accelerate your success with the ultimate tool to complement your journey through this course.

This is the secret weapon to unleashing your full potential and crushing your networking goals. Think of it as your personal guide, combining all the valuable insights and strategies you will gain from The Fundraising Coldstart into one easy-to-use worksheet.

With this powerful tool, you can track your progress, monitor your growth, and always know your next step. It's like having a personal coach with you 24/7, keeping you on track and accountable to your goals. 


The most comprehensive cold email guide and template in the world

In this guide, you’ll get everything you need to write the best and most creative cold emails possible to investors. This is 9 pages of gold that will make your cold email stand out in investor’s inboxes. It’s a step by step guide with tons of examples. There is no cold email guide out there better than this. Get it if you want to increase your chances of getting replies by investors and securing a pitch meeting.


The list of >100 investor lists to find the right investors

Say goodbye to the endless search for investors and the frustration of not knowing where to start. Use our database, to gain access to a comprehensive, curated list of more than 100 external lists of verified investors who are looking for new investment opportunities.


"Hack investor's brain and position your startup above all others in the eyes of investors" Fundraising masterclass

In order to connect with potential investors using the techniques mentioned earlier, it's important to understand their mindset and expectations.

That's why we're offering this free Fundraising Masterclass. During this masterclass, you'll gain valuable insights into the thought processes of investors.

You'll learn how to effectively communicate with them and position your startup as a standout candidate for funding. As well as I will guide you through avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing your chances of securing the investment you need to take your startup to the next level.


"Sell more with persuasive pitching and presenting" Masterclass

After establishing a successful connection with investors, the next step involves pitching and presenting your startup to them in order to secure funding.

As a bonus for purchasing The Fundraising Coldstart, we are offering a free Pitching and Presenting masterclass to help you develop a presentation that sells! In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to Pitch with BAM, BOOM, POW, and WOW.

Buy the Fundraising Coldstart to learn investor attraction and cold outreach strategies for more pitch meetings

In order to purchase the Coldstart Package for €299 you need to join the INFINITE DISRUPTION Community for 15€/month first

15€/month & One-Time-Payment 299€

Enroll Now

Access to FundraisingCOLDSTART Video Masterclass (all 4 Modules)

You get access to all 5 COUP Modules:
1. Module 1: Structure & Storytelling
2. Module 2: Audience
3. Module 3: Act(or)
4. Module 4: Slide-Design
5. Module 5: Preparation

Access to the INFINITE DISRUPTION Community

You get access to the COUP online community where you can ask the community for feedback, learn from their experiences, and get a regular inflow of interesting resources Iskender shares

5 bonuses (CRM tool, cold email guide, investor lists, 2 masterclasses)

Alone the handout is worth the overall price of the package. This is pure value.

Preferred access to fundraising events

Lifetime Learners will get access to all future content updates to the course without any additional costs.

Future content updates for free

Lifetime Learners will get preferred access to all future virtual or even in-person COUP Events.

Pitch/Presentation Roasting by Iskender

Lifetime Learners can send Iskender a recorded pitch/presentation/keynote with a length of max. 18 minutes. Iskender will roast that presentation and send his up to 15 minutes long feedback via a Loom video."

Hassle-free cancellation


If there is ONE course for Founders and new Entrepreneurs, then the FundraisingColdStart is #THECOURSE. It is an investment with a million forth return! The content, tools and delivery exceeded my expectations from an end to end. It feels like a torch guiding us on a ROADMAP with concrete steps to take in an unchartered territory.I feel enlightened, empowered and very confident to take the next steps, big and small.The course is a piece of GOLD! Every Entrepreneur deserves to have a taste of it. I would give it my last penny – zero hesitation.

Fatoumata Diallo
GAMAAL Founder

What valuable LESSONS. Your lectures have been exceptional and truly innovative compared to others.

Fatmir Kosumi
Founder & CEO Euratech

Iskender combines profound knowledge and first-hand experience in the tech and VC world with outstanding creativity and storytelling skills. I can’t imagine a better lecturer to up your fundraising game.

Mattias Protzmann
Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Statista

frequently asked questions

Why should I buy "The Fundraising coldstart"?

The Fundraising Coldstart is specifically designed for…

those who are dedicated to becoming exceptional founders,

those that are prepared to take immediate action to build a network around them that will open doors to relevant investors,

and those that want to attract investors instead of chasing them Does that sound like you? Then you should buy it, because…

This is not just a fundamental knowledge course; rather, it offers practical guidance for immediate implementation.

What will I learn?

I will provide you with complete instructions on how to establish a compelling online founder profile for you, which will attract potential investors.

Additionally, I will provide you with a detailed roadmap outlining how you can approach these  investors effectively. You’ll also get my insider tips and hacks on how to get referrals from other well-connected individuals to introduce you to the right investor.

How long is it?

The skills you’ll learn will pay dividends for a lifetime, as well as the CRM tool will be very valuable for all the future rounds and startups you might have.

Ouh, you mean the video lessons? They’re shorter than half of the working day (>3 hours) ;)

Why is it so cheap?

Honestly, it’s for selfish reasons.

In the past few months, a lot of founders wanted to join my mastermind group, because their biggest challenge has been finding and getting connections with investors, but it didn’t fit into their budget.

That’s why I made something affordable for everyone, to kickstart their fundraising process, hoping that this will help you raise some capital, and then come into my premium mastermind program.

Will I be able to contact Iskender?

We wanted to make this program affordable for every founder that wants to build an investor network around them, therefore it’s a No.

Iskender allows direct contact only to his premium mastermind students.

What if I don't like the bundle, is there a guarantee?

This is only for serious and committed founders that want to take action today and start gaining traction in their fundraising journey.

If you’re thinking of testing the waters and you’re not fully committed - it would make sense to ask about the refund policy.

A lot of my premium mastermind students have used it, and it works every single time, and thus we don't offer a guarantee because the only reason you wouldn't want to keep it is that you didn't use it.

How do I access the course?

Click on the “Enroll Now” button, enter your payment details, and we will send you access via email after successful payment.

How do I know this is going to work for me?

The only reason it wouldn’t work is if you don’t use the knowledge you obtained from the course.

Can Iskender Introduce Me To Investors?

No! Iskender doesn’t offer introductions, referrals, or anything of that sort. That would neither be a serious business practice nor would such a “paid” and “super superficial” introduction help you at all.

In The Fundraising Coldstart Iskender focuses on teaching YOU the skills and insider secrets on how to find and connect with investors, as well as how to get warm introductions to investors from others.


Discover creative ways to connect with investors or even let them find you: